December 23, 2007

Do you need a professional sewing machine to make money?

The answer to that loaded question is no. You will need a sewing machine that is dependable and does not breakdown or has constant problems with tread tension or breaking needles. Your sewing machine can be 100 years old as long as it is dependable for what you are requiring of it. In fact many of the older machines that were made prior to the 1970's were more heavy duty than the later models. You can expect those older machines to sew leather, upholstery fabric and many layers of jean materials. Any sewing machine can be used to start your sewing business as long as it is a dependable machine. I started out with an older Brother machine that I still use. It is still dependable as my back-up machine should my newer sewing machine need to go in for a tune up.


Thomas Brinkhoff said...

If you want to start with a used machine, Dürkopp Adler machines are always a good choice. The brands has 150 years of experience. For availability of spare parts check this interesting post:

Jan said...

Interesting, I have never heard of Dürkopp Adler so I Googled it and found out that they are a German machine and they are not that common in the USA. They are not cheap either. They are selling on eBay for $400 and up for a used one. So I wonder what a new one costs?

Your blog is mostly in German so I would say that the machine and the information on your blog would be best suited for those living in Europe rather than the USA.

Thomas Brinkhoff said...

Yes, Dürkopp Adler is a german brand. Since decades it has a dealer network in the USA an an own subsidiary in Atlanta(homepage:

In the USA, there should be at least fifty thousand Dürkopp Adler industrial sewing machines running, mainly in the field of home and car upholstery where Dürkopp Adler is the worldwide technology leader.

If you search for good used machines for upholstery applications, the Dürkopp Adler classes 267, 367, 467 or the most popular class 767 are the best choices.
The actual line is the so called M-Type (class 867, 868, etc.) where you will find every level from low cost versions to highly sophisticated machines.
The cheapest M-Type model should be sold in the USA somewhere between 3500 and 4000 US$, depending on the features and equipment. Dealers may have some special offers.
The blog is suited for everybody all over the world who is interested in Dürkopp Adler, because industrial sewing machines is one of the most globalized businesses of the world.
In the post, you will find comments about the question what influences the total investment cost of a sewing machine. Because what is cheap in the beginning, turns out to be expensive over time if you consider all upcoming costs and possible problems.