December 27, 2007

Fleece the "perfect" fabric

First let me define what I mean by the word "fleece", I do not mean the type of fabric that is also used to make sweat pants and tops, I do mean the type of thick warm fabric that makes great blankets and scarves. It is unique in that once cut it does not unravel and thus does not need to be hemmed.

Why did I call it the perfect fabric? Simple, you can cut it to the shape you need and you don't have to hem it or re-enforce the seams. That saves time, thus saving you money. Buy fleece when it is on sale in bulk and you can't go wrong. Here is a list of some simple items you can make with fleece fabric, many of them you don't even have to sew, just cut.
  1. blankets
  2. throw pillows
  3. scarves
  4. bags
  5. dog sweaters
  6. beanie type hats
  7. headbands

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