February 15, 2008

How to start making money sewing

So you are pretty good at sewing, or at least your friends tell you that. Are you good at designing items too? Just sewing is great but it won't make you much of a living unless your products are unique, hard to find or no one in your area does custom work. For example if you can sew a dress or top consider making Civil War re-enactment clothing. While the clothing can be found on the internet you might be able to find a local club that wants custom work done.

Another way to advertise your items is to wear them or send your children to school with an unique item to show off to their friends. Get the word out by showing off your work. Forget regular types of advertising in the begining - it is word of mouth and networking with people that will move your sewing business forward. No friends? Then join a sewing club and find out how many women in your local area have started a small sewing business as extra income. Join the local Chamber of Commerce as they will be able to help you will the business end of your business.

edited to add on Aug 13, 2011-
This little blog post is one of the most popular posts on the entire blog. Since writing it almost 3 years ago I have added many more tips and advice on how to promote, get started and make some real hard cash from a sewing business. I started out with a small Brother sewing machine myself and now have a money making home based business that a few years ago was just a dream. The Brother machine gave way to a Babylock and a professional embroidery machine. If I can do it, so can you. Don't forget to read my other blog posts and sign up for my 10 part FREE, yes FREE, email series on how you can start your own sewing business. I wrote the entire series from my own experiences. The link is in the sidebar.

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