February 27, 2008


Organizing your sewing area will be the biggest victory and frustration at the same time. You need to have an area that can be devoted to your sewing machine, related equipment and supplies. Fabric should be in sealed containers until ready for use. Don't be tempted to hang your fabric in a closet since it will absorb your home's odors. You will not notice the difference in the smell of the fabric but your customers will.

If you can devote a whole room of your house for your sewing business the better. Install cabinets to store your items. Have at least one large work area that you can spread your work out on. Don't be tempted to put your work on the floor or on the kitchen table.

The above photo shows a neat and clean area to work in. It is not what I would call ideal since I see no large table for quilts or blankets to be put together on. The photo below is one of the worse places to work in. If your sewing area looks like this and it doesn't bother you then you might want to re-think the idea about going into business with your sewing hobby. Starting a business takes organization.

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