March 2, 2008

Valentine's Day is over, the next giving days are ....

If you made money on Valentine's Day sales, congrats, if you didn't don't dwell on it and move on to the next 2 big giving days. St. Patrick's day is next. Think about making party favors, items to wear to school or work. Pin on badges made of felt can easily be put together and sold. Add a touch of lace to it for a more feminine look. If St. Patrick's day is too soon for you then aim for Easter products. Little girls dresses are always a big hit. A bonus is that not all areas are selling Easter clothes this year. Go into many of the major department and clothing stores and you will find a lack of fancy Easter clothes. This is where you can fit your sewing hobby/business in.

This cute little dog is wearing an Easter dress sold by this company, The Pet Boutique. Very nice and interesting idea. If you want to make money in the sewing business you need a unique idea. Don't copy someone else unless you can make it better, fancier and cheaper. Also cater to your local area and group of friends first to see if your design and idea will work or not.

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