April 17, 2008

Join a local sewing club

I am often asked how does a person get involved in finding out how to start a sewing business. The best answer to that is to find and join a local sewing club. The club members will often be small business owners that love to share their knowledge of how they started out. Many of the newer members are also looking to start up their own little part-time business and they also can share with other members what they have learned.

Where do you find a sewing club? The most common place to find out that kind of information is the local sewing machine retailer. Those small businesses that specialize in selling sewing machines often host sewing club meetings after regular store hours. They also offer sewing classes to new sewing machine owners. My advise is to take those classes even if you know how to sew. They are a great opportunity to meet people and pick their brains about the sewing business in general. The teachers of those classes are a wealth of information on how to get started in the sewing business.

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