May 6, 2008

Internet marketing and design

Advertising or selling on the Internet is going to take some marketing and design techniques. After all, in order for your website or blog (remember what I told you earlier - you can sell from a blog too)to be found you will need to either find someone to do the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for you or do it yourself. Your website will also need a sense of your own style. It is no use to have plenty of visitors to your website each day and no sales. The problem with no sales might be your items for sale but more than likely it is your website. Keep in mind you have only about 3-6 seconds to keep a visitor on your site long enough to spark and interest in them to stay to shop. You need to find a way to keep your visitors on your site. That will take effective web design. Again you can either go the do it yourself route or hire someone.

I prefer to go the "do it myself" route. I not only learn more from the experience but I have a tendency to turn around and help other people too. There is a great design blog that has plenty helpful how-to articles on how to develop a website with your own unique brand. After you have designed your website ask people to rate it for you. Find out what they don't like about it and fix it.

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