May 28, 2008

Promoting your sewing business

Greeting cards are a great way to promote your business. Normally we think of greeting cards at Christmas time but they can be used much more effectively for birthdays. At Christmas time you probably get at least 3-10 cards from various businesses that you have had contacts with during the prior 12 months. Most of the Christmas cards I get are thrown away or used for decoration. The companies that send them are forgotten in the crowd.

How many birthday cards do you receive from businesses on your birthday? I get about 2 and those 2 often come with coupons or promotions that I get free stuff from. It is the birthday cards that have added coupons or offers that get my attention. If you have a business that relies on repeat customers then buy your birthday cards in bulk and use them to promote your business. Here is a link to a company that sells birthday card packs at a discount. Nowadays if you slip a coupon for free shipping in the card you will probably generated a few sales. Be creative and see what kinds of offers you can give your customers without breaking the bank at your end.

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