May 6, 2008

Will your business grow?

Do you have the experience or knowledge to start your own business? There is more to a business than just making and selling things. Sure you can get some experience by selling a few items on eBay but in the long run you will only get ahead on there by selling in volume. Even then, eBay will kill you with fees to pay. Unless you plan on having a full scale manufacturing plant right away you can stay away from eBay as a major source of income for now.

What you need is some honest to goodness education in business and marketing. Now I know that many people reading this will be thinking that I just don’t have the time for college courses or there is no suitable college near me. That would be my case, the nearest college to me is over 1.5 hours away by car and that would be a 3 hour round trip for a one hour class, 4-5 times a week.

The very reason that I started up my own sewing business was the fact that I could work at home and sell via the internet. I live in a remote country area and commuting was out of the question for me. The only time I need to go to town was for shipping out items and grocery shopping. I have the business background for my business and have had to learn more about the marketing angle of it. Because I am never satisfied with the volume of my sales I am seriously looking into Distance Learning to improve my marketing knowledge.

I know I have a few unique and interesting items that I sell to a group of elite customers but I want everyone to know about the items. My advertising budget is small and I will allocate more to it as the sales volume grows. Off hand I don’t know if that makes for good business sense or not so I might have to look into furthering my business knowledge too.

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