June 16, 2008

Do I have a successful sewing business?

I sometimes have people leave me questions in the comments section about my own sewing business. I thought I would answer some of those questions here:
  • What kind of sewing business do you have? I have a part time home based embroidery business that caters to the pet owner. I also design and make tack items for horse owners.
  • Where do you sell your items? I have sold my items at craft fairs, horse shows, online and eBay.
  • How do you advertise? I use eBay for advertising. I put an item on there and refer them to my website for more photos of the item. Word of mouth is also a great tool for advertising. I have many repeat customers.
  • How long have you been in business? I have been making items for horse owners for years but finally got into it as a business about 2 years ago.
  • What type of sewing machine do you have? I have a Baby Lock Esante that I got last year and love it!
  • Do you do custom work? Yes I do, in fact the great majority of my work is custom made. Since it is custom made I price my items accordingly.

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