June 3, 2008

Embroidery on straps

I have done some machine embroidery on nylon strapping in the past. Mostly it was limited to dog collars with the name of the pet on them. My sewing machine will do straight lettering type embroidery with no fancy attachments just by feeding the fabric through the machine.

I have looked over the internet and found someone that does embroider straps but this time it is guitar straps (what an idea!). The photo above is from this person's website. Now looking at the photo you would think that the rest of the work done at this place would be pretty good - NOPE, you are wrong. If you look at the examples put on their front page of the website the work is pretty crappy. I would hope that their work was better than the stuff they have exampled on their website. Here is a lesson to all sewing professionals or sewing hopefuls - do not put photos of substandard work on your website. The result would be no customers.

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