June 30, 2008

Make your company unique

Have you often wondered how big name companies like NIKE got to be so well known? They started out their sewing business just like you with prototypes and company names and logos. They built a name for themselves that can be identified with only their logo. How does a company get to be known for just their logo? What if their logo was a symbol that in another country was slang for something not very nice? To answer these types I questions I went on an internet search. I came across an interesting company that helps small companies find their "brand identity". When you go to their home page of this marketing company there is a video and quick quiz to find out how strong your brand name and identity is.

When you have your own sewing business is it best not to name it "Jody's needles" or some other nondescript company name. "Needles" could be interpreted as knitting needles or medical syringes. Now if Jody did wedding gowns with original designs then maybe the company name could be "Wedding Gowns by Jody" or "Jody's Original Designs". Adding the name Jody to the company name only works out if Jody has a following already. Jody would be best to leave out her name entirely if she is not well known.

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