June 16, 2008

Making your own work area

Find a place in your home to locate the best area for your sewing. The area should be well lit and have enough power outlets for your machine and other equipment you might need time to time like an iron. There should be enough space to have a flat solid are to lay out and cut material. For your own comfort the area should have ventilation and be temperature controlled. The area that you work and store material in should be a low humidity area. If you have to buy a dehumidifier then do so.

The area itself should not be close to other areas of regular family life. The rest of the family should treat the area as a "business area" and should not disturb you or the items in the area during business hours. Don't make the sewing area as part of your own bedroom or kitchen. If you do be prepared not to have a successful business. Your sewing area needs to have a place of it's own, preferably it's own room.

Set work or business hours and let the rest of the family know about them. Let them know that just because you are home does not mean that you are not working. They need to know when they can disturb you or leave you alone. Also you need to set reasonable hours and stick to them. If you have a great idea about a new design then just write it down and get to it during your regular work hours. After a few hours or even a day you might rethink you original idea or dismiss it as just a bad idea after all. The setting of regular hours is not only to get your family into the habit of not abusing your time but to prevent you from burning out before you have a chance to really get your sewing business underway.

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