June 9, 2008

A website solution

I am often asked to review products or websites for inclusion into this blog. Most of the website reviews are "hey link to me" or "am I doing this right?" The link to me ones usually end up being nothing to do with sewing or starting a business. One such "hey link to me" was another blog about jewelry which seemed OK at first because I thought it was about hand crafting jewelry until I checked out the site. It was nothing but listings from eBay and with no original posts on there at all. I was just another link farm.

The reviews of websites have been from good to really bad. The poor ones and worse are never put up on here unless they are such a ripoff that people should know about. Occasionally I come across a really good one that at first does not seem that good until I find a gem on the site. The one with a gem this month is a web hosting provider called Network Solutions. They offer a free domain name when you purchase one of their hosting plans. Now that is what most of the other website hosting plans offer nowadays so that is not the gem. Their prices are average for what they offer as well, again that is not the gem. The gem in this case is the online website creator tool that they use. It is called ImageCafe and is simply marvelous for adding search tools and internet commerce to the website. it even has $25 in Google ad words credit and $50 Yahoo marketing credit. This is a web hosting provider worth checking out.

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