July 8, 2008

June weddings are fast becoming passe'

There was a time when June was THE wedding month of the year. More and more people are getting married in other months and June is being pushed aside. This is a great advantage to those businesses that cater to weddings and Bridal Showers. I personally believe that the straying away from June for many brides was the mere fact that places that held weddings were already booked for the month of June. As a sewing business I am no longer in a rush to get items ready for June weddings. Many of the weddings that I make an item for (mostly elaborate ring pillows with names and dates embroidered on them) are now in late summer and around the winter holidays. Just because June is gone for this year does not mark the end of wedding planning or purchasing for many brides.

Here are a few ideas for things to make for weddings and bridal showers:
  • The all important vale (AKA "vail") for the bride
  • wedding favors
  • any embroidered item with the date of the occasion such as towels
  • banners announcing the occasion - sewn of course
  • the ring pillow
  • wedding gifts that are unique in some way
Because of the varied seasons of wedding and bridal showers the colors of the items does not have to be bright and summery. The winter weddings can utilize plaids and darker earth tones for color themes. That also gives rise to the growing trend in fantasy weddings such as medieval and scfi. A wedding is no longer in June nor is it just white anymore.

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