August 4, 2008

Creating art from fabric

I have seen many masterpieces of art that were made from textiles, fabric or scraps of cloth. Sewing can not only take the form of clothing or home decor items but also artworks. Abstract art, wall hangings and even sculptures can all be sewn.

Several centuries ago, wall hangings in the form of tapestries, were not only art for the wall but also acted as a form of insulation for the cold stone walls. Those ancient works of art often depicted lifestyles of the day, mythology and stories. Modern day wall hangings are often abstract to add a touch of color or texture to a room. They no longer have to tell a story but add something to a room.

Some sewn pieces of art are also from the colonial days. Often they are quilts that can be over a 100 years old. Those art items have to be preserved in such a way to prevent molds and mildew from damaging them. They are not the type of item that is just put in a cedar chest but needs a special type of Art Storage, the same type that is used by major museums.

If you produce works of art with your sewing hobby then you should look into the different ways to store your work to preserve it for future exhibits.

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Patricia Rockwell said...

My daughter creates sculpture from fabric. She learned how to sew specifically in order to do this. I wish I knew how to help her proceed with developing her craft but I am totally unknowledgeable about art.