September 24, 2008

The fastest way to earn money while sewing

I was at a craft show last year and most of the items on display where NOT selling. The down economy had just started to take hold and people where being tight with their money. The only booth making any money, and they had a line too, was the embroidery booth. The woman had a smaller computer operated, stand up, embroidery machine. She also had several large cases filled with baseball caps, sweatshirts and t-shirts. People were looking through her laminated catalog for things they wanted embroidered on their clothes. One customer had their own jacket that they wanted done. I am sure that she charged for the embroidery and added extra for the item that she sold too. For the entire time I was at the craft show (close to 8 hours) that embroidery booth never slowed down. That got me thinking. I don't believe that it was the embroidery alone that was selling but the fact you could watch it being made for you on the spot. There were other booths that were selling machine embroidered items - I was one of them.

So here is my selling tip for today:
  • Make your items at the craft show or in the window of your store. People love to watch things being made and they buy them too. Sell custom made items made on the spot.

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