September 29, 2008

Great Halloween costume ideas

If you are lacking in the idea department for unusual Halloween costume ideas, I have a few. First up is a Dracula that sits on your back.

Next is the witch/vampire version.

Both of them are interesting and could be worth your while to make. The prices on both of them at HalloweenMart are a mint. Just click on the photos to find out how much they are asking for those costumes.

Next up is a puppet - a zombie puppet but you get the idea, just match up a costume with any type of puppet and make them mother and child or father and child.

Here is an old idea but worth the effort. A one person costume made to look like 2.

Another great idea, shark eating man.

Then there are the "couple" costumes:

Let us not forget the kids ones:

There, I hope I gave you some ideas. Also you can click on any of the photos to take you to the store that I got the ideas from. Look around and you can get more ideas on what to make. The same place also sells the accessories that can't be made easily like shoes and rubber masks.

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