October 2, 2008

Find out what is "hot" before you make a mistake

Everyone wants to know what the next big fashion trend will be or the next high demand item is for Christmas. Finding that out is not as hard as you might imagine. To find out what is in demand or what will be, talk to a teenager. For example my teenager informed me late last year that the colors pink and black were out and purple and black were "in". Sure enough my custom made items where the customer chooses their colors has a higher demand for purple and black and almost no demand for pink and black. I was talking to a friend that runs a small craft store and she just "knew" that the hot colors were pink and black this year until her own teenage daughter told her no, "pink and black went out last year, where have you been , Mom?"

I have been telling all my friends that are in the retail business to find out what the trends are by listening to family and friends. Ask what are all the kids in school wearing. Most of the time when a new trend starts, the item or items of clothing are home made or designed by the kids themselves. It is usually a few months later that the fashion industry starts to make those items. Just listen and talk to your family and beat the industry to the bottom line.

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