October 8, 2008

Football fans make great customers

When you have a business you learn to cater to people that like sports or hobbies that you are not particularly fond of. I am not a football fan but I make items that are just for fans of football. The state I live in does not have a pro team so many of the fans are followers of the college teams.

Some of the easiest items to make for football fans are scarves, fleecy headbands, stadium blankets and mittens all in their favorite team colors. If you add a team logo you need to do it in such a way as to not infringe on any copyright of the "official" team logos. What I do is use the team colors and just add the name of the team (embroidered of course) or a slogan like "GO ...(the team name)". If you go to your local fabric store you can find a large selection of fabrics with the team logos already on them. You can either use the fabric in your item or just cut out and applique the logo on to your project.

Now if you are not quite sure of the team colors you can check out this site that has NFL Merchandise as well as the college teams. Another thing to keep in mind is that certain player numbers are more desirable than others so you don't want to add just any player number to project without finding out a bit more about the team you are making the item around.

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