October 20, 2008

Places to sell your items

Of course you already are aware of craft shows and sales but what other places or events can give you some business? If you are involved with another hobby or sport then you are already aware of those events. Any type of club gathering that has an organized event where the public is invited can be a great opportunity for you to sell. You just need to ask permission from the events organizers.

Years ago I was involved with showing my dogs. I went to many sanctioned and fun events. Many of those events had vendors from local businesses selling from booths everything from food to clothing. If you have a passion for dogs, cats, horses and even fish, those animal fanciers have many shows involving those pets each year. Items made with those pet lovers in mind will sell well at those events. You can find listings of up coming events for dogs at the AKC website, for horses at most local feed stores. Do a search for your local county fair grounds as they usually host those events and have contact numbers for the organizers on their websites.

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