October 14, 2008

Raffles are a great way to make money

Not all people can spend $100+ on a really nice custom designed and made quilt or other labor intensive item that you have made. We all know that sewing a really nice item takes time and expertise. Often we put more love and labor into an item then we can ever recoup - or can we? If you are unable to sell a really nice one of a kind item but you get lots of "I like it but can't afford it" remarks then consider raffling off the item instead.

If you know of a worthy local charity then you can offer a portion of the raffle sales to them for helping promote your item and selling the raffle tickets for you. With the coming Christmas season fast approaching then it might be a great time for you to start promoting your business with the help of local charities. It can be a win, win situation if you explain what they (the charity) will be getting in return for raffling off your expensive items.

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