October 2, 2008

Working with small items

You quickly find out that you will need 2 vital parts of your body to work well when you are sewing, one is your eyesight and the other is pain free hands. If you have arthritis then anti inflammatory pain killers will take care of most of your problems. For eyesight, good lighting and corrective lenses are a must. If your eyes start to give you problems you will end up with headaches and headaches are not best for thinking out new designs or techniques.

I am thinking about getting my eyeglasses updated. I usually go to a local store but I have been thinking about buying online. The only drawback would be the custom fitting I usually get when I shop local but the bonus would be a huge cost savings.

I was curious to find out what other people were experiencing with buying a pair of eyeglasses from a major online store so I went searching. Here is a list of reviews about Zenni Optical, one of the larger online eyeglass places. Not all the reviews were flattering so at least I know they were not paid to say how nice they are.

I am still undecided as to buying on line yet on something that I need to have personally fit. That might also be the reason why I don't sew and sell items on line that need to be fitted.

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