November 10, 2008

Items that are selling at the craft fairs this year

I was at several craft fairs this past weekend both as a seller and as a customer. First off I can tell you that sales are down but only for cheap novelty items that are quickly made. Potholders that are mostly for show were not selling. Jewelry was selling as long as it was not handmade. Buyers are older and pickier this year. Quilts were selling, t-shirts for kids were not. The older retired crowd had more money to spend so I will be adjusting my sewn items to reflect more decorated blankets and warm items for the elderly. I did not notice any seller offering any custom made items this year as in years past. Also the number of sellers was down so the offerings of each craft fair was almost half of what it was last year. The prices of having a table at the craft fairs was also down from last year. Some of them only charged $5.00 compared to last year of $20.00

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Lynne said...

That's excellent information! I think it also depends on the area of the country and how the economy is doing in your town. I realize it's down pretty much across the board, but some areas are hit harder than others.
I attended a craft fair here in the Dallas area a few weeks ago and couldn't get over how crowded it was. I found an over abundance of hand made jewelry, but people seemed to be buying some of everything. I wasn't a seller, just a buyer! :-D