November 18, 2008

Web hosting pitfalls

One of the biggest headaches you will have in finding a suitable host for your blog or website is "down time". Down time is what as referred to when your website is not available to visitors. One of the web hosting companies that I use has been having problems lately with their servers. The more time that they are down the less visitors I will have to come and shop. This is one of the major items you should look into when you are shopping for web hosting. Always look to see if the hosting company boasts about "up time". You should also Google the company's name to see if they have any bad reviews about them.

Researching for the right company to host your website is very important. If you have a brick and mortar store you know how much importance you put into finding the right location and landlord - web hosting is no different. Questions you should be asking of a hosting company are:
  • If the hosting company does not own their own servers who does?
  • Do they offer SSL?
  • How secure are their servers? meaning of course can they be easily hacked.
  • If I buy my domain name from you can I take it with me if I decide to leave?
  • Do you have a real live person I can talk to if I need to?

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