November 13, 2008

Would you wear a blanket?

With the Christmas buying season almost in full swing and much too early this year, I am getting emails for some interesting stuff that people want to sell me. Most of the items are for electronics but once an awhile I get an item that piques my curiosity. This time it was the Snuggie, a blanket you wear. Just click on the link to see the item and a video of how you wear the thing. Of course sending it to me those people don't realize that I might make one of my own and check it out for usability.

Off hand I don't like the idea because the thing is open in the back so using outdoors like they promote might be awkward. I would also stay away from any fire or flames if I had the thing on and that includes a gas stove.

We have several "throws" in the living room to use when watching TV. Of course I made them from a plush fleece material that was on sale for $3.00 a yard and each one used about 2 yards. I have also made a "wrap" by just putting a long slit in the material to make one solid back and 2 pieces that drape down the front of you like in the picture below.

Here is a simple pattern for making a shawl/wrap from 2 yards of fleece material:
  • buy 2 yards of fleece material (54" wide or wider)
  • trim the edges of the fleece with a rotary cutter or scissors to remove any manufacturers markings or names and to leave a nice flat edge.
  • if you wish you can round off the square corners
  • use the layout guide below and cut out a round area in the middle of the fabric and one long slit. Cut the slit on the length of the fabric not the width.

Since fleece fabric doesn't unravel you don't have to sew anything. So there you have a quick wrap/shawl.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the free how-to. I love your blog.