December 4, 2008

Personalized Christmas stockings

One of the quickest ways to make some easy money for the holidays is to personalize Christmas stockings. I buy several premade Christmas stockings at my local Dollar Tree store to add machine embroidery to. Here is a photo of what I picked up today:

You will need to have stockings that have a cuff on them that is not sewn shut. Here is a photo of one of the stockings with the cuff unfolded. The reason for that is to hide the under side of the embroidery when the personalization is complete.

I have picked out both fancy and plain stockings. You can see that I also found some with paw prints on them. Those I will personalize for pet owners.

Now the best part is how to sell them. I will be at a craft show this weekend and I will be taking my sewing/embroidery machine with me along with samples of the personalized stockings. I will be charging only $6.00 per stocking for names up to 5 letters on them. Each additional letter will cost $1 more. It works out to a dollar a letter. I don't know if I will get much business doing the stockings but it will attract people to my table to buy my other items that I have for sale. A friend of mine will also be at the craft sale and said she will make a run to the Dollar Tree for more stockings should I run out of them. This will be a first for me, as I have never done any sewing out in public before, even as a demo. I have learned in the past that in order to be a success at any of the craft shows you have to attract attention to yourself. Just sitting there does not make the grade.

Here is 2 of the stockings that I made just now to show off at the craft show:

They took only 15 minutes from set up to finished article each.

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Msplumuniq said...

Those are nice and really quick it seems-I'd love to do something like that! You're very talented!