December 20, 2008

What do you sew?

I know that there are plenty of talented readers of this blog that are just waiting in the wings to let everyone know how successful they have been. So here is your opportunity to leave a comment about your sewing hobby. You can let the world know if you have gone pro or not. The comments don't allow you to upload photos of your projects but you can leave a link where they can be viewed if you want to.


Stormee said...

I love making quilts and other quilted items. I love to sew so you might see a lot of different things in my shop.

The knowledge lady said...

Hey Stormee, nice clothes. In today's economy I have but one question, do your items still sell at those prices or have you become a designer label? A designer label can still command high prices because they are always in demand.

Mary Ann said...

I love sewing Praise and Worship outfits, as well as costumes for a dance school in my town. I just completed sewing Banners, Flags and Crowns and wings for a big church production in my town. That was different, but enjoyable. My email address is