January 3, 2009

Digitized horses

I am so happy about the way this design turned out. I sewed this mare and foal design on the front of one of my over sized sweat shirts and it turned out pretty good. I have gotten several compliments on it already.

I am wearing this as I type. The secret of getting the embroidery not to "sink in" to the thick fabric is to use thick stabilizer on the back side of it. You can use stabilizer under your fabric when you sew decorative stitches with your straight sewing machine too. The decorative stitches come out much better than just using a plain interfacing.

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siteseer said...

I would love a sewing machine that did more than straight stitch and zigzag. Everytime I go shopping I just can't justify the cost. If I sewed more then maybe. I'd love to do this kind of work though.