January 15, 2009

I sold my first digitized embroidery pattern

I am so thrilled right now. I sold my first digitized embroidery pattern. If you recall I was experimenting and learning how to digitize my own embroidery designs. My husband made the suggestion that maybe I should try and sell the electronic files online. After I did a bit of research I found a company to host the files and handle all the sales. I bought myself a domain name and started to set up a website. This was all last week. You can see the website I have started on but not even close to finishing at Designs by JanS. The JanS is a play on my name of Janice but Designs by Janice was already taken.

I have only three designs with the file hosting company thus far and one of them I have to put a better picture of the stitches. The design that I sold was the Hanoverian brand. I am trying to keep all the prices at or under $1.50 per pattern because I just can't see people paying $5 and up for an embroidery file. Sorry, Dakota Originals, you are just over priced.

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