January 30, 2009

Making a Steelers headband

We are big Pittsburgh Steelers fans at our house. Everyone was hyped up when the Steelers won their chance to go to the Superbowl this coming Sunday. My daughter wanted to wear a Steelers items to school everyday but she only had a hat and a shirt that had a Steelers logo on them.

I thought I would try my hand at making something for her to wear. I had a few left over headbands that I had been embroidering for sales on eBay so I decided to make a headband with the Steelers logo on it for her to wear to school. The headband was bought at the Dollar Tree store and has a velcro closure at the back. It is also wide at the sides to cover the ears to keep them warm. At the same time I thought it would make a great how to article for here on my blog. If you can't find one at your local Dollar Tree store you can find one at their website and shipping is always FREE at when you choose to have your order shipped to your local Dollar Tree store!

I started out with a Steelers logo that I found on the internet and put it in to Masterworks, the digitizing software I have. The logo did not turn out so great. The word "Steelers" turned into "Sleeiers" and the diamond shapes were "off". I fixed the word by removing it and just using the text tool to insert the right word. Then I started to sew and had to stop because the diamonds were not right - see the photo below.

Back to the drawing board. I cut the red and blue diamond out of the pattern. Since the yellow diamond came out so well I copy and pasted that diamond into the places where the red and blue ones were. Digitizing a photo or clip art is not as simple as the software people make it out to be. Back to sewing. What I did was place a 4" square piece of craft felt on a sticky backed stabilizer. I love that type of stabilizer, you don't have to hoop the material at all just stick it down.

After I the embroidery was done on the main logo I removed the embroidery hoop.

I then removed the embroidered felt from the hoop and put a pin in at the very center of the design. I then placed the headband on the hoop, sticking it down and then carefully found the very center. I then centered the embroidery over the top of it, pinning it down so it would not move.

I put the hoop back on the machine to finish the design. Here is what it looked like when the embroidery was complete :

I then carefully cut around the design to remove the excess white felt. This is the completed headband:

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