January 13, 2009

Never trust your sewing machine to a stranger

The title of this blog post sounds strange but wait until you hear the tale of a friend of mine in Boston. She had started a small tailoring business in her apartment. After just 10 months she was actually getting some nice business income. Of course she could no longer do business out of her apartment since the tailoring business now included members of the society elite. I told her to just make her business mobile and go to her clients homes or businesses for fittings but she did point out a few flaws with that idea. After debating with herself where to open up a location she opted for a business suite in an office building that was more central to her clients rather than a regular store front. The location made sense since her clients were not people off the street but had come by way of word of mouth.

Then it came time for the all important move. She had not just one or 2 sewing machines but 5 she had to move along with several cutting tables and dress forms. She shopped around for the best deal she could find for a boston moving company but didn't find one that could accommodate the time frame she needed in her price range. Instead she ended up with her brother and a few of his friends whom she agreed to pay.

All seemed well and the move went fast but when it came time to set up her machines she found a few items had come off of the machines in the move. Of course they were not cheap items either. One of the items the got "lost" in the move was a 4" X 4" hoop for her embroidery machine. Now those things cost about $120.00 to replace so she was not a happy camper. In the long run she said she should have paid a bit extra for a professional moving company. That way if anything was missing or damaged she could have filed a claim with them.

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