January 25, 2009

Sewing needles for your sewing machine

I have had more problems with sewing needles than any other part of the sewing machine. Several years ago I found out that you should never use a Singer sewing machine needle in a Brother or Babylock machine. The Singer needles are just a hair too long and causes bobbin thread problems. The timing is thrown off by the length of the longer needle.

Unfortunately most department stores like Walmart, Target, Fred Meyer and Kmart just have Singer sewing needles on their shelves. This of course makes it hard to just run down to those stores when you run out of sewing machine needles. Some of them are now carrying the better band of Schmetz needles which is the brand that most professional sewing enthusiasts use.

If you sew everyday you will also have to learn to keep track of how many stitches your needle has done. During heavy use a needle will get hot from the friction of going in and out of the material. The needle will then have a tendency to warp or break. You want to use a new needle before your needle warps. A warped needle will cause all kinds of bobbin thread problems and make your item look like hell.

Keep in mind that the sewing machine needle is one of the most important items that you will need to keep a close eye on. The needle must be in perfect condition to do the job right.

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