January 9, 2009

What does gardening and scissors have in common?


Fiskars scissors is by far my favorite brand of sewing scissors. They also make garden clippers and gardening scissors too. This year Fiskars is having a grant program where they will give away $800 in gardening supplies and another $1,500 in gardening tools to community gardens and groups. The grant program is called Project Orange Thumb grant.If you know of anyone that might be interested let them know about the program. There is a deadline to apply for the grant and it is February 17, 2009 so they don't have much time left. Only 20 applicants will be chosen.

Keep in mind that the grant program is only for groups and not individuals. This is a great opportunity for a school project or a local neighborhood garden.

It is nice to see that a company that I support with my sewing purchases is doing something for the local communities.


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