February 6, 2009

Using a sewing mannequin to display your designs

A mannequin or a sewing form is an absolute must have if you plan on displaying jackets, dresses or tops for sale. I have seen some wonderful items on eBay that would have sold for higher prices if they were only displayed better in the photos.

Here is an example of a nice item that was displayed wrong.

Don't make a nice dress like this look cheap by hanging it over a door. If you don't have a mannequin then get a live model (a good looking one please). The dress will sell better if your customers have a better idea of what it looks like on a person.

Here is a good example of how a dress can look so much better.Dress forms cost about $100 and used mannequins can be gotten for free or very cheap if you look on Craigslist. I have them in my store with a wide selection to choose from, just click here for dress forms.

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