April 11, 2009

Don't waste your time and money on designing and selling something that won't sell

The title of this post should say it all. Do you know why your items are not selling? Are you making something that will not sell in your area? To give you a rough idea of what you need to think about here is a list of what will not sell no matter how hard you try to sell it.
  • Slippers do not sell well in warmer climates. People tend to wear thongs or go barefoot.
  • Baseball caps do not sell well in the winter.
  • Warm winter clothes sell well from fall to mid-winter but will not sell well at other times of the year unless you are selling to people in another part of the world that is experiencing winter weather.
  • T-shirts don't sell well in the winter unless they are part of a pajama set.
  • Dark colored baseball caps are not well suited for outdoor wear in hot climates, they absorb heat.
  • Light colored baseball caps are not suitable for professions that leave the wearers hands dirty. Fingerprints are noticeable on them, use a dark colored cap.
Using those examples you can then develop a better understanding of your potential products and customers.

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