April 21, 2009

Embroidering baseball caps

After a pep talk from a family member I have been trying my hand at machine embroidered baseball caps. The heavier material lends itself well to intense machine embroidery. My main problem so far has been learning to place the embroidery just right on the front of the cap. Too high and it won't be seen and too low it won't be seen either (view blocked by the bill of the cap).

I have screwed up a few caps already, just by learning. Since I have a lot of perfection to go on doing caps I have decided that many of my friends will be getting surprise gifts in the next few days of embroidered baseball caps.... no I won't be giving them my duds.

Almost every one of them has their own small business so I would make a cap catered to their business. They can then tell their other friends where they got the caps and it might bring me some extra work and customers.

Now I am looking around for some machine embroidery patterns that are small yet business like looking. I was looking for some heavy equipment patterns and found a awful lot of toy looking backhoes and dump trucks, not professional at all. I finally found what I was looking for after some long searches.


Tracy said...


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The knowledge lady said...

Thanks Tracy for the offer but affiliate advertising does very poorly for me. I'll have to pass on that one. My readers will appreciate the link to the sweepstakes.

As to buying fabric online - I don't do it because I like to touch and feel before I buy, besides that I enjoy my little trips out to my local fabric stores. It's a social thing.