April 24, 2009

Volunteer work

One of the best ways to generate an interest in your work is to do some work for charity. Just a few days ago I stumbled on an ad on Craigslist about a charity looking for someone to machine embroider a few items for them. Number one, I am always ready to help out where I can and number two, I am sure that someone will notice my work and I might get a job or two from it.

Well I contacted them and I not only got the volunteer job of embroidering some of their items but I got a chance to digitize their logo too. Here is a photo of the embroidery that I will be doing for them:

Feel good about yourself and your work and do some work for a charity.


Melanie E said...

That is a great idea! Love your blog and your website, keep up the great work!

JanS said...

Thanks for liking the blog. You can now follow me on Twitter, see my side bar. There is a great small group of sewing hobbyists over there.

LogoFactory said...

We at Paradise Embroidery always help out whenever possible with local events -

Diana Gonzalez said...

Love the great work you do with embroidering and doing logos. I am really proud of the great volunteer work you do for the community. I am wanting to begin some sewing project so looking around for some great ideas.