May 20, 2009

Medical fashions

Many of you design or sew for the medical industry. From designing or fitting those stylish scrubs to embroidering clinic names on the lab coats, the medical industry needs us. If you happen to get a job that requires you to supply scrubs with embroidery on them there are a few things you ought to know first. Number one is find out if there is a particular color that they must wear. For example in some hospitals hunter green is reserved for physical therapists while baby blue might be reserved for respiratory therapists. Next is to go over the actual scrub designs and fit. Certain professionals require different pockets for their instruments so you need to know the differences between the different styles of scrubs. There are so many styles of scrubs nowadays and you don't want to pick the wrong style for your client.

There is a wonderful online magazine called Scrubs that gives you an inside view of the medical industry from the people that live it day to day. One of their articles deals with fashion and style while working in scrubs, you can read it here.

Keep in mind that you want to stay way from those cheap type of scrubs for your client that are full of static cling. Medical personnel work around lots of electronic devices and you don't want the actual scrub to cause a static discharge that might affect the equipment.

If you are not catering to the medical industry with your sewing maybe you should think about it


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