May 15, 2009

Promote your business on a shoestring

Everyone I know wants to save money on advertising their business. Heck we shop around for the best price to place magazine and newspaper ads. My own shopping around paid off big time last week. I got a bundle of advertising items for free.

I normally get those Vista Print emails and I have always ignored them. The few times that I clicked on them they wanted to give me the business cards for free but charge me an arm and a leg for "handling and shipping" charges. This time it was different. I found a selection of business cards on there that just spoke to me. They had top quality photos of sewing and tailoring. I also found out that they sold magnetic signs that you put on your car. I use to use one of those years ago for another business and they were very successful in getting me more business. Back then I paid $25.00 for 2 signs that were just black and white. Vista had one in full color with a photo for $4.99!

So I bought 250 premium business cards and a magnetic sign for my car. Total cost including shipping was $19.99. A few days later I get another email from Vista, this time with loads of FREE offers. My eyes just about popped when I saw all those free items. So I ordered a free t-shirt with custom artwork and wording and a baseball cap with artwork and wording and one item that I thought would work out great as flyers - extra large photo invitations.

My printer needs a new color ink cartridge and they cost close to $50. I needed to put up some full color flyers at some local businesses. At first I was going to go to the local Staples store but then I saw the Vista 6" X 9" invitations and thought that they would have a much better impact. I uploaded a photo layout of what I wanted (it cost $2.99 extra which is cheaper than have Staples run some copies for me) and they will be printing out color photo invitations that I will use as flyers.

VistaPrint USA Inc.

So for the cost of postage (I ordered the 21 day delivery, but they are sending it fed ex, go figure) of $5.95 plus the $2.99 I have a t-shirt, cap and photo flyers that will help advertise my business.

So for a grand total of $28 I am set for business cards and 4 different ways of advertising. I am still getting FREE offers of more stuff like pens, key chains and even the magnetic car signs are now free. Heck I can do all of my advertising printing with them and it still cost me less than my ink cartridge for my printer.

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