June 11, 2009


I have always lived in an area that has been visited by hummingbirds. This year they even showed up early after their annual migration. They migrate from north America to south America around the equator each year. They usually return in early spring to the Northwest but this year they showed up at the end of February which is almost mid-winter here.

We have big sliding glass doors that overlook our backyard. Right next to the glass doors on the outside I usually hang my prettiest and best hummingbird feeders. I was just a tad late in getting the feeders up. Several hummingbirds hung around the glass doors until I got the message "where's the food?"

This year I plan on making a side drape with hummingbirds either appliqu├ęd or embroidered on it. A side drape is what I describe as a narrow drape that merely frames a window without covering the glass. Since there are a wide variety of different colors of hummingbirds I might either stick with the traditional ruby throated ones or mix up the colors to blend in with the colors in the living room.

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