September 13, 2009

Are you ready to make Halloween costumes?

Halloween is now one of the biggest celebrations in the USA and Canada. What use to be a night of mischief making 40 years ago is now a big dress-up party. Not only are the costumes becoming more and more elaborate but pets are now joining in on the fun. This little guy below is wearing a ready made costume found at this site where they have 11 other equally cute and idea generating dog costumes.

So after seeing that page I decided it was time to look around for some pet costume patterns for you to sew. I found a few and added them to my sewing supplies store. You can find them here. McCall's, Simplicity and a few others also make dog costume sewing patterns. What I can tell you is the difference between the mediocre and great pet costume is the accessories that are added to them. Let your imagination run wild.

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