September 16, 2009

The dog costume business is BIG money

As a crafter I am sure you are well aware that the pet industry is flourishing right now. Even in this depressing economy, stores like Petsmart are opening up new stores. I find it ironic that people are spending as much as they do on dogs when times are hard. That is great news for us who want to cater to the pet business.

Just looking at all the opportunities there are to make and market that you can whip up on your sewing machine. Check the company that is offering these dog costumes, they have done a fantastic job of designing their own costumes. The taco dog costume below is on the page that I just put the link to. The detail of the lettuce sticking up and the fact it was modeled on Chihuahua was brilliant.
As you can tell, presentation of a product or design will make or break a sale. If those costumes were just presented on a coat hanger or some other way that the customer could not get a good idea of what it looked like without handling it then they might lose a sale. They took the extra step to photograph a dog wearing what they make.

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