September 25, 2009

The holiday craft sales will soon be here

Are you ready to sell your items at local craft fairs? If you are like me and have attended more than a few craft fairs over the years, you know which ones to attend and which ones to stay far away from. Craft fairs, church sales and school fundraisers are all out to make a buck some how. They either charge a high table or area fee for the day or they sell food to the people attending. The price of the table is not the best way to gauge the success of a craft fair, in fact far from it.

I have several friends that attend the larger craft fairs in the area and one of those fairs charged $50 a table last year. After miserable sales the friend that attended said she will not be back. It turned out that the craft fair did very little in the way of advertising, they were hoping the people who had purchased a spot would do the advertising for them - wrong thinking on their part.

So how can you tell if a craft fair is the right one for you to sell at? I have a method of finding out the best craft fairs in my area and since I run across many people with the same question I am putting together a booklet on the subject. It started out as just a few paragraphs that I was going to put into one of my newsletters but it has grown up to 3 chapters so far and I just have a lot to write about. I will let everyone know when it is ready.

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