October 10, 2009

Using your regular sewing machine to create embroidery

Did you know that you can use your regular sewing machine to create fantastic embroidery creations? I bet you didn't. I had known this since I was little but apparently it is not common knowledge. There was a discussion on this message forum that went into some detail about it. They even mentioned a book. I found the book they were all talking about and here it is:

According to the discussion you can make lace with your regular sewing machine. That was something I had not heard of before. The book was first published in 1911 and has detailed instructions for making lace and doing embroidery on the old style treadle machine. It is still widely available and I have added it to my store. Singer Embroidery Book

If you wanted a little adventure, try machine embroidery the old fashioned way, without computerization.

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