November 13, 2009

How to personalize items the fast and easy way

When you think of having a fabric item personalized you think of custom embroidery. That is only one way to personalize an item. Another way is to use fabric paints or applique to add that personal touch. Of course personalization is what will sell your items faster than lighting. Anything that you can put a person's or pet's name on will sell fast. Doing something as simple as adding a monogram to a set of towels or a name to a golf towel will not only enhance your profit line but will increase you customer base almost overnight.

Of course if you do decide to try your hand at personalization you will want to be able to have the right tools available to do the job. One of the most popular tools for cutting out letters for applique' work is with a Cricut. Yes you can cut fabric with a Cricut. All you have to do is use the Cricut to cut out your shapes then sew them on to your item. If you are unsure what a Cricut is or need some guidance on how to use it to cut fabric, I have found this handy video to show you how. You can also follow all the highlighted links for Cricut to buy one or its accessories.

Before you run out and get a Cricut you should know there are other machines out there that do the same thing. There is the Sizzix, (a video demo about the Sizzix is below) as well as others on the market.

So now you have no excuse not to personalize your items.

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