November 14, 2009

Lisa Lichtenfels and her works of art

The photo to the left is NOT Lisa but one of her works of art. It may look like a little old bag lady, but in reality is a fabric sculpture made from nylon stockings with a wood frame. Lisa lives in Massachusetts, where she works on her creations. She use to work for Disney many years ago doing stop action animation. It was there that she became fascinated with sculpture work.

You can find more of her full sized works of art and more about Lisa Lichtenfels at her website.

Lisa Lichtenfels' website

Lisa has also written several how-to books on her works you can find them here.

On that same page you can also find her full color book that showcases her work. The book is called "Figures in  Fabric." It goes to show you that fabric and sewing is not just for clothing, bedding, curtains or towels, it is for art as well.


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