December 13, 2009

Using humor to sell items

I have found that humor sells items faster then sentiment. Take for example the craft fair I attended last week. While waiting for customers I embroidered 2 words on a baby bib and that baby bib sold right after I got the threads trimmed. Those 2 words were "cereal killer." It was a touch of humor.

Using humor on your business cards will also make you more memorable. Just a humorous tag line under your business name will fetch a smile and often a sale. Try funny sayings on t-shirts or quilts. Making off-the-wall hats or funny house slippers will often get your business the attention you are striving for.

A phrase, a few words or even a picture done in a humorous way can grab that sale. Now I am not going to say that the humor should be in good taste, but I will say that you know your customers best and if they go for raunchy humor then go for the raunchy humor. If on the other hand your customers are just the mild dry humor type then go for that. Experiment and see what you are comfortable in the humor realm.

Adding humor to your business my take you in a whole new direction and a profitable one at that.


MelRoss said...

I agree, but sometimes seem to just draw a blank. So how about we all come up with some humor to give everyone a good laugh. I will start it off with this one!

See again I can't think of anything, and normally I have all the saying in the world, just ask my co workers :-)


JanS said...

I actually find that humor is not from within a person but observing others around you. Very often my family makes a funny remark that I jot down and use it later as a saying or an amusing story to tell at a sewing gathering. The humor breaks the ice with a new customer and gets them and me at ease.

MelRoss said...

That is what I need to do, write it down immediately. I have a son with a great sense of humor and comes up with stuff from no where. And as you mention it is always a ice breaker.