March 15, 2010

Evaluating several embroidery software programs

Even though I have one embroidery digitizing program that I use I thought I would dig around on the internet and see if there are any new and great programs out since I got mine. I found out that many of the "newer" programs have been out for several years. Many of the big name makers like Wilco, Corel and Designer's Gallery all have flawed products.

Corel's only works with vector art and even then the vector art has to be in a file extension that the program recognizes. The embroidery program is more like an add-on to their Corel Draw program. If you want to edit any artwork before or during the embroidery creation process then you have to have Corel Draw installed on your PC. 

Designer's Gallery is an over priced piece of s###. If you try to use any type of artwork, even vector art, the program tends to screw it up. It is good for just plain fonts, so if you just want some words on something then it will do that well enough. It is way over priced for what it has to offer.

Now Wilcom had the sense to join forces with Corel and Adobe to make am embroidery program that works with both of those art work programs. I want to get my hands on that set up and see how easy it is to use or not.

Most of my complaints are how the embroidery programs will mess up an artwork or will not work with bitmaps or JPEG files. Most clients email me logos that are in both of those forms but have no idea of how they have to be converted or even re-drawn in other programs before they can be even put into an embroidery program.

Of course my BIGGEST complaint towards all of the embroidery programs is their cost. I refuse to pay more than $100 for ANY software program much less programs that don't work that well. FYI - most of those software programs are over $800.
I have yet to see an easy to use program. All of them tend to be based on the old MircoSoft Paint style.

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James Dooney said...

I agree, all embroidery software is wayyy overpriced for what they offer. My friend has wilcom and it is extremely easy to use, but I'm not going to buy it as it's too expensive.