April 15, 2010

Economy on the rise - good news for your business

The latest news is that our recession is turning around. Retail sales are picking up slowly but still up. I have personally noticed an increase in eBay sales, not mine but in general, according to the "competed listings" search. All that news means you had better be in the position for an onslaught of sales in the next month. Increase your inventories for quick sales.

If you have not gotten a website to sell from or advertise your business then you had better get on the ball with that. I am not talking about one of those freebie websites with your domain name a mile long with their main domain tacked on the end, no I am talking about real business hosting where there is on the phone support or where they can even set up your site to take payments and put everything on auto. There are thousands of companies that sell domain names but you need a company that has domain hosting you can trust to be up at least 99.9% of the time. There is nothing worse than having a website that displays "server is busy, try again later" or worse yet, just displays a blank screen. I highly suggest finding a company that has web site hosting via people you know and trust that already have websites. They can tell you their experiences, either good or bad. You can also check out forums that have website owners as their main posters. One good one is where you can find a wealth of information from the webmasters themselves.

Yes, my little embroidery business is also on the rise. I have to go and look for a Scottish Thistle pattern for someone needing a custom made item. If I can't find one, I'll just have to design it myself.

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